New Diagnosis

When you first receive a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum it can be overwhelming and daunting. It is important to follow best practice guidelines to ensure the best treatment for your child. Understanding the importance of early intervention is key to getting your child’s program up and running.  (Click here for information on Best Practice Guidelines in autism from the Autism Society of Canada.)IMG_0501[1]

What to do now that you have received a diagnosis:

  1. Visit the Autism Ontario website and find your local chapter contact person. Local chapters are often your best  source of information and support.
  2. Talk to your social worker at your regional centre (KidsAbility) and ensure you have the documents and contact information to apply for the Ontario Autism Program (OAP). A Balanced Approach is an approved (OAP) Ontario Autism Program direct funding option.
  3. If you choose to start therapy while your child is on the waiting list contact local service agencies, clubs and churches in your area to access funding for your program. Potential funding agencies are: and President’s Choice Children’s Charity
  4. Contact our office to set up the intake assessment to find out what services may be best suited for your child.